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Youthing Workshops

Youthing Workshop Series 1 – Kelowna BC

Friday Nov 22, 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm

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 Facial Yoga to firm and tone your face, neck and chin. Reduce wrinkles and sagging skin.

 Superfood Smoothies that you can taste and learn how to make to sharpen your mental focus and boost your energy.

 Make your own Edible Personal Care products. Avoid toxic chemicals so you feed your skin for a glow from the inside out.

 Special Guest Speakers 

 and much more… 

                    Location: Waterscapes Resort’s – Cascade Lounge – nestled between                                                            

1083 and 1099 Sunset Dr Kelowna BC VIY 9Z1

Cascade Club

The workshops are held in the Waterscapes Resort’s Cascade Club, a spectacular amenity area that is conveniently situated between the two buildings. 1083 and 1099 Sunset Drive.

Street parking on Ellis St, Sunset Dr, and an easy walk from Prospera Place parking.

Seating is Limited so get your tickets now!

Tickets for this 3 hour event are offered at the special introductory discount of $50

Includes all the events and speakers during the workshop and a Smoothie or Elixir.

Print out and bring your receipt to the workshop.