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When I looked down at the bones in my leg sticking out in all
directions, there was no pain yet. I thought to myself, this
is a very sick leg.

Then a calm, gentle voice spoke to me clearly. Only it was
inside my head! The voice said, “Everything is going to be
okay. This is just going to show you something.”

I am forever grateful for that voice. The long hospital stays
and multiple operations that followed completely disrupted my
life. Again!

That big 650 motorcycle hit me from behind and used me as a
cushion, bouncing us both onto the road in front of oncoming
traffic. The doctors saw no way to save my leg. But I
remembered that reassuring voice in my head. I knew I’d give
it my best shot and whatever the outcome, it would be okay.

I can’t claim it was easy to save my leg and rebuild my life.
Yet when I look back, I see that accident as one of the
biggest gifts in disguise. I learned what was important and
now play the game of life with joy!

My health turned around… much more than just saving my leg,
several “incurable” diseases disappeared! I stopped doing
work I hated, and started creating a life of FUN, passion and
creativity. I embrace love in my relationships with people
and nature, and appreciate the joy of being alive.

Your Vibrant Health Secrets is there to provide not one voice,
but many voices to inspire you to take action and create the
life you want. The amazing Dr. Bradly Nelson, the author and
founder of The Emotion Code will be joining us tomorrow!

Today, a coaching program came across my desk that took me by
surprise. I’m so keen on this new platform and am astounded
as I watch it unfold. There is so much power here to initiate
positive change in every aspect of your life. No matter where
you are in life, it’s never too late to start playing the
ultimate game of life.

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