The gift of giving joy to others

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Having yet to see much of my adopted Canadian province called Beautiful British Columbia, this holiday season I accepted an invitation to drive eight hours north to Prince George.

I drove through intense white-out blizzards half of the way, saw surprising desert hills in Cache Creek, and experienced dense fog as I followed the gold rush trail. The hours of driving through uninhabited wilderness and ranch country made me realise yet again how vast Canada is. Canada, the second-largest country in the world following Russia, is enormous when you get in a car and set about driving.

In Prince George I experienced a heart-warming event. On New Year’s eve my friend who owns a limo, arranged to take several groups of children from the rougher part of town to see the Christmas light display on Candy Cane Lane. It was a relatively small gesture, but the joy and memories these children experienced riding in style and seeing the holiday decorations was priceless.

Of all the amazing experiences and wonderful people I met, seeing the shining enthusiasm in these young faces was the highlight of the trip. Below are some photos of the Christmas decorations on the famous Candy Cane Lane.

There is so much truth that giving joy to others multiplies the joy we receive ourselves.

The second highlight was a News Year party at the home of a First Nations woman, and involved another act of giving. I had a delightful time playing “Dice” and learning phrases in the Carrier First Nations language.

“Madil chow” means “Thank you very much”, a good phrase to know in every language!

Although I was a stranger at the party, upon donning my winter gear to leave the hostess presented me with lovely gifts wrapped beautifully. It was a perfect example of the generous nature and lack of personal ownership the First Nations culture embodies.

May you learn to give in 2017, and perhaps more importantly, may you feel worthy enough to receive. There are miracles coming your way.

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