Surprise – Joy can combat the SAD

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What does that video do for you?

A flash mob got together and changed the experience for all the diners eating the SAD diet. (Standard American Diet). I’ll be willing to wager that surprise changed a great deal on a cellular level for the health of those listening, even with the SAD diet of a modern food court.

It probably helped combat the ravishing effects from stuffing their faces with empty calories, foods that are nutritionally dead, and fail to serve our body’s health. If the surprise of joyous singing could do that for them, imagine what could happen if we decided to take responsibility for our health on every level!

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Alison Heath Longevity Rescuer, hosts the EMFsummit on all aspects of electromagnetic fields and the popular multi-expert telesummit Your Vibrant Health Secrets. Creator of Easy Natural Facelift, your answer for beautiful skin inside and out. Transform your life with the anti-aging program The Longevity Toolbox and get all the antiaging tools to enjoy vibrant health with a youthful glow!
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2 Responses to Surprise – Joy can combat the SAD

  1. Julé Kowarsky says:

    Dear Alison,
    You website is informative and very interesting! I found the entry on vitamin D, particularly helpful. You bring your wonderful warm, wit, and considerable knowledge to all that you do and I have no doubt that abundant joy, and gratitude will bless your fine work. Congratulations on this beautiful site.
    With Appreciation,

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for comments! The vitamin D article is just the beginning. This site is dedicated to providing the building blocks to achieve and maintain optimal health. There is no reason to spend money on doctors (with the exception of trauma), as you know first hand Julé, it is possible to recover from cancer. Dis-ease is not a necessary condition we need to accept. Let’s all take responsibility for our health!

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