Grounding / Earthing ❤ Feel Better Faster!

I’m going to share one of my favorite longevity secrets with you! In fact the balls of my feet are firmly grounded as I write this.

Earthing For Wellness!

Imagine a Great Night’s Sleep night after night! Picture this Pain Free Living! Finally there is a discovery that dramatically decreases chronic inflammation. Medical research now clearly points to inflammation as the root of all disease. You feel the physiological effects of Earthing almost immediately when you walk along the wet sandy beach. Now you can enjoy those same healing properties whether you’re in your car, your high rise apartment, exercising, or at the office. You’ll significantly reduce the EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) bombarding you from your computer, cell phone and other electrical devices around you.

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Over the past decade Clint Ober, who first questioned the importance of earthing, and other researchers have observed thousands of cases. They found the most dramatic improvements from earthing are seen in those facing the severest health challenges. For those fortunate enough to be enjoying optimal health, earthing is an excellent tool for longevity and disease prevention.

When you are outside walking barefoot, you’re grounded with the earth within 40 minutes you will have regulated your heart beat! If you can’t get outside barefoot, here is the answer you’ve been waiting for. Your body will thank you to receive that very important dose of “excited” electrons that it needs from Mother Earth! This book provides a wealth of information on benefits! Return to Resources Return to Blog

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