Wherever you find yourself on the road to optimal health, please know that vibrant health is your right! It’s the natural state for your body. Even if you’ve forgotten what it feels like to enjoy bursting health and energy, it’s not too late to change your reality.

FREE Multi-Expert Interviews

Your Vibrant Health Secrets Multi-Expert Interview Series is a collaborative effort of over 25 experts sharing their wealth of knowledge on the secrets of vibrant well being in every aspect of your life: body, mind and soul.

Private Coaching Packages:

Nothing helps fast track your route to vibrant health and longevity as Private Coaching. Enjoy tapping into over 25 years of research and experience that is tailored to match your individual needs. You’ll love the speed of learning and implementation that comes with the accountability and support of your own one-on-one coaching.

My private custom coaching packages are limited in number and are designed to meet your individual requirements.

Group Programs

Here are my current Youthing or anti-aging services that will assist you to tap in and turn on to that optimally vibrant energy that embodies healthy longevity!

Awaken Your Healing Power Awaken Your Healing Power guides you to enable your natural ability to heal yourself and others.


The Longevity Toolbox

The Longevity Toolbox provides 3 months of bi-weekly calls and video/article email follow ups that enable you to oxygenate your brain for better focus & mental clarity, balance your hormones for an improved mood & immune system and enjoy more energy than you had 20 years ago. Gain all the tools you need to restore, maintain and flourish in vibrant health that supports longevity.


Easy Natural Facelift Program

The Easy Natural Facelift Program

A gem to make your beauty shine, the Easy Natural Facelift video program and course companion books are packed with proven health strategies. In this 4-part video course you’ll learn facial exercises, natural face cream recipes, what cosmetic toxins to avoid, and a young skin diet full of tasty anti-aging recipes.

Harness Your Intention for a RAW FOOD Diet audio program – New meditation and intention exercise

The list of Kindle Books is growing. The ENF Book Series helps you enhance your own natural beauty inside and out. Children’s stories of Sadie the dog’s international adventures will keep you and your children laughing… an essential ingredient in the anti-aging recipe. Watch for the upcoming publication of the powerful nonfiction book, Sane off Meds – Curing the Incurable that chronicles my complete recovery from bipolar disorder and hypothyroidism. For over a decade I’ve enjoyed fabulous health and energy with no medications period.

The Longevity Rescuer TV channel brings you on-demand videos and interviews Start now on a path of bursting health and well being that will allow you to live life to the fullest and blossom with joy. Now is always a good time to experience how forgiving your body can be.

The Osteoporosis Diet provides the tools to build and maintain healthy bones throughout the course of your lifetime.

The Hypothyroid Diet introduces the vast array of foods to include in your diet and those to release in order to promote an optimally functioning thyroid gland.

VIP coaching clients are also offered exclusive private retreats with a pampered luxury designed to set the tone for transforming and opening yourself to all the abundance the universe has in store for you.

Your consciousness, expansion, health, abundance, relationships, and attitude will all be tweaked.


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