Saving a Type 2 Diabetic Leg From Amputation

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Recently my time has been consumed with a compelling mission that has eaten my days and filled me with joy! It’s a treat to share it with you.

In 25+ years of integrative health coaching I never met an individual so far out in left field in terms of health and lifestyle choices… A man who from the age of 15, threw himself into his work for 41 years as a heavy equipment operator on a railroad, consuming junk food on the road and putting in long hours, sometimes 5 days straight without sleep to conduct emergency repairs. Smoking cigarettes and drinking caffeine kept him going until his body would give out from the effects of low blood sugar. Unable to talk or walk his co-workers would take him to emergency to get fixed up for the next round.

This man is a neighbour living in the suite next to mine.

Long ago… twenty years actually, he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and possibly type 3 diabetes from exposure to WiFi and electromagnetic radiation. We will test if his blood sugar rises when he is able to walk on a treadmill in the gym for 10 minutes.

He didn’t let diabetes stop him though. Hell bent on living life to the fullest and gathering all the toys possible he juggled his work-a-holic days on the rail line with trips to see his five children. Watching two marriages fall apart and feeling a sense of frustration, anger and depression grow.

At the age of 55 he retired. This wasn’t freedom 55 though. He took all of 2 days off and was immediately working for another company. Within 6 months an infection in his toes required an amputation of the three smallest ones on his right foot.

During the five weeks in the hospital he had time to review his life… a lifetime of feverish working… for what?

He decided it was time now to play.

He’d taken his railway pension as a lump sum and was now ready to dedicate the time he had left in the pursuit of fun! His daily routine was hanging out at the resort Tiki bar drinking diet cokes and eating hotdogs he jokingly referred to as “lips and assholes”. He loved taking people out on his boat and relished their joy as they whipped around on a tube, skis, or wake board. tubing

All this fun didn’t stop the decline of his health. His blood sugar hovered between 20 and 24. He smoked even more cigarettes knowing he needed to quit.

Eleven weeks after the amputation, the doctors fitted him with a boot so he could get off the crutches. They didn’t anticipate his party frame of mind nor his dedication to be active all day long. The boot was ill fitting and caused a soft spot that became a blister.

That was around the time I met him. The first while I observed this charming individual so happy to please others and give them a sense of fun out on the boat or flirt with the girls at the beach-side bar.

I knew I could help him with his diabetes… but how? Would he ever agree to the lifestyle changes required?

It is not within me to watch someone’s health “go south” without at least offering to help.

The moment for decision came when the blister blew out in a diabetic ulcer. The doctors said they would need to amputate the foot and possibly the leg below the knee. The situation wasn’t looking good and finally he was ready to embrace change and open himself to the possibility of saving his leg.

My work began in earnest.

When I looked in his kitchen and saw the food in his pantry, the challenge became clear. How do you guide a man to healthy lifestyle choices when everything he’s been doing is harmful? How do you make the change rapidly enough to save the leg without shocking his system and having him go into an all out rebellion? How quickly can you wean someone off an addiction to sugar & carbs?

I started him with Essentials, a daily packet that includes superfoods that are over 3 billion years old, digestive enzymes as a key to unlock the nutrient dense food and probiotics to assist in the absorption of this full spectrum nutrition. That superfood saved my leg from amputation in ’87 and is a staple of my daily diet.

Daily he would spend eight minutes on a pulsed electromagnetic device designed to increase his circulation by opening the tiniest capillaries  know as microcapillaries.

I made him a fresh green drink each morning from a variety of organic veggies. He soon had a nickname for his morning green drink: “dirty socks”. Yet he couldn’t deny the benefits from forcing himself to drink it, including improved bowel movements.

I purchased Chromium supplements with cinnamon from the health food store to help balance his blood sugar.

It was touch and go with the ulcer on his foot. Trying to get him to elevate the foot was an ordeal. Some days it improved, others it bled out leaving a pool of blood on the floor of some restaurant when he’d refused to elevate it.


I worked on the infection soaking his foot for 20 minutes each morning in warm water and Doterra’s Melaluka (Tea Tree) oil.

I applied Body Silk , a unique combination of nutrients and essential oils on the surrounding skin of the foot to avoid degradation of the tissue. The Body Silk quickly transformed the skin into a healthy, smooth pink that was soft and supple as a baby’s bottom. I love it for chapped heels, hands and as a hair treatment.

Colloidal silver from the health food store was taken internally and applied in a tape form to the ulcer.

By the time the amputation was scheduled the infection was getting under control. I kept thinking… if only we’d had more time… if only he’d woken up sooner and being willing to make the lifestyle choices necessary to heal.

I left for Australia and he entered the hospital for the next amputation.

I received a message from him in Australia bursting with joy! It read, “We had saved the leg! Only the two remaining toes had been amputated, not the leg below the knee.”

Later he described the sinking feeling and raw fear he felt when he awoke following the surgery wondering is he was missing his leg.

On my return to Canada, I visited the hospital and found a transformed being. He got it! Having witnessed the results of lifestyle changes he was ready to dive in.

Cigarettes became a thing of the past.  He quit smoking!

But the day inevitably arrived as it so often does during the cleansing process… he rebelled against the green drinks. Each morning as I arrived at his suite, he became more difficult and ornery facing the prospect of drinking his green drink.

This presented a new challenge. How was I going to get veggies into the body of a man who avoided them with dedicated zeal? French fries and chips were as close as he came to a vegetable.

I knew all his meat now had to be organic. What isn’t in the meat is so important! No antibiotics, pesticides, chemical preservatives, etc. Years ago I did a video on the importance of organic meat that is still applicable today.

Coffee, which leaches calcium from the bones, was replaced with a mix of herbal teas that incorporate bitter melon to help lower his blood sugar.

I’ve become creative and make pizzas with cauliflower crusts, Shepard’s pie with cauliflower & potato topping, replacing the corn with healthy veggies. Coleslaw contains apples, onions, and other finely chopped veggies, along with chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds and is mixed with homemade humus, guacamole and mayo. A fresh garden salad loaded with finely chopped vegetables is served with most meals. The homemade dressing is also extremely nutritious with a low glycemic index.

I eat at least 85% raw and it is a fun challenge to find transitional foods that will gently increase his vegetable intake from his straight meat and potatoes diet.

The day his temper got the better of him and he baulked at the green drink, was the same day Elite, a long awaited superfood powdered drink combo finally arrived.

Three of the 5 superfoods in Elite help control blood sugar. 

Thankfully he loves the taste. Elite contains 5 superfoods, 3 of which I already include separately in my daily diet.  It is so convenient!

As an added benefit, Elite also promotes hair growth, a sensitive area with my neighbour. He is self conscious of his thinning hair.

img_55581Unfortunately all his toes are amputated but the leg is saved. Each time he returns to the surgeons or nursing clinic, they exclaim they’ve never seen his foot looking so healthy.

The stitches will stay for another couple of weeks, but already the scabbing is coming off around the stitches. The surgical nurse suggested using a good moisturiser. I’ve added Rejuvenating Barrier along with the Body Silk.

I’ve seen some amazing responses from people’s skin when applying Rejuvenating Barrier on a daily basis. This serum contains Lutein and protects from artificial lighting and computer screens while nourishing the skin. That makes a big difference for me as I became sensitive to both.

My skin no longer gets prickly and sensitive when surrounded by florescent lighting in offices and stores.

As soon as the stitches come out I will add Skincerity, a roll-on breathable mask technology.  I’ve collected numerous testimonials with photos showing how this one-of-a-kind breathable mask creates an environment for the body to repair itself and reduce or eliminate scarring. There are about 48 different skin conditions that are shown to respond favourably.

Click here to see some of the testimonials

This skin technology, developed from between $7-$9M in grants from the National Health Institute (NIH), is like a second skin I roll on at night for anti-ageing. My personal experience after a serious fall that left me covered in deep lacerations filled with asphalt was fantastic.

Today, it is as if a big eraser has removed every sign of my accident except for one of the shattered molars that needs to be replaced, and a little stiffness in my fractured shoulder.

Meanwhile the transformation with my neighbour continues. His mood and focus are improving. He’s learning how to channel his increased energy while also giving his leg an opportunity to rest in an elevated position and heal.

This morning his blood sugar reading was 5.9!


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