Rejuvenating Barrier Protection from Artificial Lighting and Computer Screens


FAQs, Ingredients List and Rating

Q: Does Rejuvenating Barrier contain sulfates?
No. Rejuvenating Barrier is a sulfate-free product.

Q: Is Rejuvenating Barrier Vegan?
The Rejuvenating Barrier contains no animal byproducts and is considered vegan and gluten free.

Q: Does Rejuvenating Barrier contain any parabens?
No, there are no parabens in the Rejuvenating Barrier product.

Q: Is the Rejuvenating Barrier tested on animals?
No, NuCerity Pure Rejuvenating Barrier is not tested on animals. NuCerity does not support animal testing and we try to purchase items and ingredients that to the best of our knowledge are not involved in live animal testing.

Q: Can my husband use this product?
Absolutely, Rejuvenating Barrier is a terrific aftershave that calms and protects the skin and provides hydration and an oil-free barrier for his skin.

Q: Why isn’t there an SPF in the Rejuvenating Barrier?
Rejuvenating Barrier is designed to block and filter harmful artificial light (halogen and fluorescent bulbs) which we’re subjected to on a daily business at our jobs, in our homes, in most commercial businesses. NuCerity brings unique and technologically advanced products to market; there’s thousands of SPF products available so that is not a niche that we’re considering at this time. We recommend that you use an SPF of your choice if you are going to be outside or exposed to harmful rays for a length of time.

Q: Can I put makeup on top of the Rejuvenating Barrier?
Yes, the Rejuvenating Barrier will dry to a smooth finish perfect for makeup application.

Q: How do I use this product?
Use Rejuvenating Barrier both day and night. It is a light, smooth moisturizing barrier that is perfect for women and men. Put a small amount in your hands and rub over entire face avoiding the direct eye area.

Q: What dies Rejuvenating Barrier do for my skin?
Rejuvenating Barrier gives your skin daytime protection against environmental irritants and artificial light. It provides topical nutrition that creates soft, moist, younger-looking skin. It helps restore that youthful, luminous glow to your skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Q: Lutein is mentioned a lot in the Barrier presentations… what it is?
Lutein is one of nature’s strongest nutrients. It helps bolster the skin’s natural defense system, protecting your skin against changing seasons and variations in temperature that can dehydrate the skin. Lutein comes from the marigold plant and is the ingredient that gives Rejuvenating Barrier its wonderful gold color.

Q: What’s special about NuCerity Pure Rejuvenating Barrier?
NuCerity Pure Rejuvenating Barrier is the world’s only water-based skin barrier that creates soft, hydrated skin while providing an oil-free barrier of protection. It is the perfect skin hydrating solution for both women and men.

Official Fast Facts Sheet on Rejuvenating Barrier

Q: What are the Rejuvenating Barrier ingredients and how do they rate for safety? (Lower Number is Better. Number rating added from the database with the amount of available data in brackets.)
Purified Water, Trehalose – 1 (fair), Glycerin – 2 (good), Sodium Hyaluronate – 1 (fair), Polysorbate 20 3 – (fair), Xylitylglucoside – 1 (no data), Anhydroxylitol – 1 (limited data), Xylitol – 1 (fair), Phenethyl Alcohol – 1 (fair), Caprylyl Glycol – 1 (Limited data), Trideceth-8 – 1 (Limited data), Lutein – 1 (fair), Sucrose Laurate – 1 (Limited data), PPG-2 Methyl Ether – 2 (limited data), Methylisothiazolione – 7 (fair) widely used preservative – moderate concern as in irritant)

The minute amount of preservative Methylisothiazolione in the Rejuvenating Barrier is acceptable to me as the protection from artificial lighting is enormous. I witnessed an adverse reaction to an organic spray caused by mildew, fungus, or bacteria that had formed in the bottle. This triggered multiple chemical sensitivity and acute electromagnetic hypersensitivity in the individual.

Rejuvenating Barrier Card

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