Our unique life purpose?

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Don’t you find if you are not doing what you are meant to be doing with your life, you will wake up each morning with a little sadness in your heart?

Maybe it’s not just one special talent. Maybe it’s not something big. Yet it can be great!

Here are some suggestions that I recently read:

A worker at a store who personally escorts you to the item you are looking for instead of pointing and verbally describing how you can struggle to find it yourself.

A gardener who sees a worm on his walking path and takes the time to gently move it to safety.

A parent who never stops working hard to prepare healthy meals for his or her family.

A friend who consistently listens with her heart and has the best interests of her friends in mind.

A parent who never disciplines in anger.

Wouldn’t it be great if most of the world’s people found it natural to think that such people have discovered their life callings?

My wish is that we see the greatness and purpose in others, and most of all to look with kind eyes at ourselves and see our unique greatness and purpose in life!

I leave you with an enjoyable video that was sent to me by a friend from California:

Be well, Alison

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