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Deadly MLM Prospecting Mistake #5: Approaching Every Prospect the Same Way


The 5th Big Mistake that network marketing distributors make is they approach EVERY prospect the same way.

Before we talk about this mistake, here is a review of the 5 Deadly MLM Prospecting Mistakes.

The 5 Deadly MLM Prospecting Mistakes that Most Distributors Make

These are the 5 Big Mistakes that network marketers make when it comes to prospecting.

Mistake #1: They approach their Contact List with the goal to sponsor everyone!

Mistake #2: They ONLY Talk to Their Close Friends and Family

Mistake #3: They PREJUDGE their prospects and talk to only ones they think will be interested

Mistake #4: They Sell the Business and not the Meeting during the Invite

Mistake #5: They Approach every prospect the same way

MISTAKE #5: Approaching Every Prospect the Same Way

When I applied the 3 Pillars of Marketing to how I was “marketing” my network marketing business to my prospects, that was when I realized the mistake that I made and the mistakes that millions of network marketers make!

The 5th Big Mistake that millions of network marketing distributors make is that they treat all prospects the SAME.

For example…

They approach them the same way…

They present the business the same way…

They followup with them the same way…

This “sameness” approach is doomed to fail and frustrate because everyone is different.

To get a better idea of how marketing and sales work, go study the 3 Pillars of Marketing and that will teach you how to connect with your prospects better.

In summary, the 3 Pillars of Marketing teaches you that you must use different bait for different fish!

Your Contact List

Your contact list is the MOST valuable resource you have.

It is your Gold Mine.

However, not everyone on the list is the same audience.

There are basically 3 types of people (audience) on your list and you MUST learn to speak to them differently when you share with them your opportunity.

Your 3 Types of Prospects (Your Audience)

Network-Marketing-Training-3-types-of-prospects-S.O.W-Sponsoring-SystemThe GOOD NEWS is that you don’t have to worry about millions or thousands of different kinds of people.
Not even hundreds.

You just have to learn how to communicate with 3 Types of People.

In your Contact List, there are basically 3 types of people and how you prospect them is the foundation of THE S.O.W. SPONSORING SYSTEM.


These are people who you look up to and are more successful than you are.

They are your “S” prospects.

They are most likely more advanced in their careers, make more money or could be your boss. They often can be successful business owners or have great careers already.


These are your peers and have the same level of success as you have. Often they are childhood friends or friends that you spend the most time with.

They are your “O” prospects.

Note that some of your O contacts may be Successful and could be S types but they are O because they are either too close to you or they are your peers.

For example, if you are a successful doctor and your friend is also a successful doctor then your friend is a O because both of you are on the same level but if he was a doctor and you were only a store clerk, then he would be a S.

So the classification is all relative to their relationship with you.


These people look up to you.

They want to be like you and listen to what you have to say.

They are your “W” prospects.

They can be your younger family members, subordinates at work or someone who is not as advanced as you are in their careers.

They may be people who are lower than you on the corporate ladder.

You are more successful than them in some area of life and that’s why you have influence on them.

How to Talk to the 3 Types of Prospects

In a future post, I will give you a script on how to talk specifically to the S, O and W prospects.

But for now, you can watch my video on How to Invite your prospects and that will help you. 38:44

Additional Resources: What to Say to the 3 Types of Prospects

Here are Additional training that teaches you how to Approach and What to Say to the 3 Types of Prospects

Approaching the S Prospects and What to Say to Them (coming soon)

Approaching the O Prospects and What to Say to Them (coming soon)

Approaching the W Prospects and What to Say to Them (coming soon)

Make sure you always approach these 3 types of prospects differently.

Your Next Steps

Before you contact anyone, here are some helpful next steps.

1) Go back to your Contact List and rate each person and write down a “S”, “O” or a “W” next to their name

2) Go watch the video on how to prospect and duplicate.

3) Contact the “S” prospects first.

Afterwards, contact me privately or comment below and let me know how your prospecting goes!


excerpt from Simon Chan

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