Mistake 4

Deadly MLM Prospecting Mistake #4: Selling the Business and NOT the Meeting in the Initial Approach


The 4th Big Mistake that network marketing distributors make is when they Invite and Approach their prospects, they sell the business and NOT the meeting.

Before we talk about this mistake, here is a review of the 5 Deadly MLM Prospecting Mistakes.

The 5 Deadly MLM Prospecting Mistakes that Most Distributors Make

These are the 5 Big Mistakes that network marketers make when it comes to prospecting.

Mistake #1: They approach their Contact List with the goal to sponsor everyone!

Mistake #2: They ONLY Talk to Their Close Friends and Family

Mistake #3: They PREJUDGE their prospects and talk to only ones they think will be interested

Mistake #4: They Sell the Business and not the Meeting during the Invite

Mistake #5: They Approach every prospect the same way

MISTAKE #4: They Sell the Business and NOT the Meeting during The Invite

The whole purpose of The Invite is to get your prospect interested to learn more about your business and to talk to your upline or team leader.

That’s it.

Let me repeat that.

The WHOLE PURPOSE of The Invite is to get your prospects to get on a 3 way call with your upline or team leader.

Your goal is NOT to sell your Business!


When you have this approach, these are the negative things that can happen:

– Your prospects are turned off because you talk too much

– Your prospects are turned off because you have NO idea what you are talking about

How can you give a good presentation if you only a few days old in the business?

– You turn people off because you can’t answer their questions well.

The more you talk and sell, the more they will have questions.

How can you even answer the most basic questions confidently and professionally if you are new?

– Just the fact that you think you have to “present” or “convince” someone to join will make you nervous and hesitant to talk to your list (Committing Mistakes 1 – 3).

– Many of your contacts don’t want to do sales (even though they don’t realize we are all “selling” everyday)

But by seeing how you are trying to “sell” them, they think they will have to do the same thing and be turned off.

These are the bad consequences that can happen when you try to present and why most network marketers fail.

What About if You are Good at Selling

Even if you are good at selling, you still do NOT present!


Because your prospects will think they have to do the same thing.

And the reality is that most people are NOT good at “selling” and by watching you do one, they think they will have to be “good talkers” and do the same thing.

If you do a great sales presentation, you actually created a negative perspective in your prospect’s mind.


Because remember, network marketing is NOT about making the sale. It is about DUPLICATION.

You are Really Selling How Easy the Business Is

Never forget what you are really “selling” when you are prospecting.

You are not really selling your business opportunity,

You are not really selling how great your products are.


So this is what happens when you do a nice fancy sales presentation.

In the prospect’s mind, he automatically see obstacles to their success and no matter how good the products nor business is, he will not join because he thinks he will have to “sell” in order to be successful.

One of the major mental obstacles and questions that every prospect asks himself is “Can I do this?”

And if they feel they can’t do it, then they will never join.

But if you keep the process simple and duplicatable then they will be attracted to the business.

Best rule to remember is… make the process as simple as possible so that “you don’t need any skills nor intelligence to do it.

All you need is to pick up the phone and setup phone call meetings.”

That is easy and simple to do and attractive.

Doing fancy and professional sales presentations are hard and most people can’t do that and it will scare away your prospects.

Sell the Meeting and NOT the Business.

So now you know that you don’t need to sell your business and present.

Whew! That should already be a big relief to you!

You simply have to “setup the meeting” with your upline so that a more experienced person will present.

How to Sell the Meeting

To learn how to Sell the Meeting, check back to my blog and I will post some useful phrases you can use in next week or so but for now you can watch my video on How to Invite your prospects. 38:44

Sell the Meeting and NOT the Business

So, The Invite makes it easy for you!

You don’t need to sell nor present.

Instead, you just have to get your prospect interested to learn more.

So remember to..

Sell the Meeting and NOT the Business!


excerpt from Simon Chan

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