Mistake 3

Deadly MLM Prospecting Mistake #3: PREJUDGING Your Prospects


One of the big mistakes that network marketing distributors make is that they only include people who they THINK will be interested in the business

Before we talk about this mistake, here is a review of the 5 Deadly MLM Prospecting Mistakes.

The 5 Deadly MLM Prospecting Mistakes that Most Distributors Make

These are the 5 Big Mistakes that network marketers make when it comes to prospecting.

Mistake #1: They approach their Contact List with the goal to sponsor everyone!

Mistake #2: They ONLY Talk to Their Close Friends and Family

Mistake #3: They PREJUDGE their prospects and talk to only ones they think will be interested

Mistake #4: They Sell the Business and not the Meeting during the Invite

Mistake #5: They Approach every prospect the same way

Mistake #3: Prejudging Your Prospects and only approach people you THINK will be interested

The truth is you NEVER know who will be interested in your business.

In my 10 plus years of network marketing experience, I have discovered that most people who you “think will do the business” generally don’t do it and the ones that you “never thought would be interested” end up as excellent prospects that join you.

So NEVER discriminate your prospects!

You have to contact everyone.

Your New Sushi Restaurant Business

So now you know not to make that mistake and discriminate, let’s take a minute and forget that you are in network marketing.

Imagine that you are about to open a Sushi Restaurant instead. (and I use the example of sushi because I love sushi and can eat it everyday but you can substitute Sushi restaurant for any other type of business such as hardware store, accounting services, medical clinic, computer store, etc.)

You invested thousands of dollars on a location, furniture, equipment, renovations and hiring staff. And now you are getting ready for the big grand opening.

With the grand opening approaching…

Will you tell all your friends or will you tell just the ones that like sushi? (Deadly Mistake #1)

Of course you will tell everyone about your new Sushi restaurant!

Otherwise you would be making a foolish mistake such as most distributors make when they commit Deadly Mistake #1.

Even if your friend does not like sushi and think it is unsafe or nasty, they may tell someone they does like sushi about your restaurant.

You will get referrals and the SAME thing applies to your network marketing business.

Remember the goal is not to convince everyone to join but to simply let everyone know you are in business!

Even if someone does not join your business, they may let their friends know about your business and their friend may join.

Will You Tell Only Your Friends Who Are Hungry Tonight?

Let’s go back to your sushi restauarant and look at another scenario.

Will you tell ONLY your friends who are hungry for sushi tonight or will you tell EVERYONE that you know about your Sushi Restaurant?

Of course you will tell everyone!

Regardless if your friends wants to eat sushi or not today, you will let everyone know. Once your friends knows about your restaurant, they may decide to eat there the next time they are hungry for sushi.

The same applies to your network marketing business!

This is another variation of Deadly Mistake #1 that distributors make in network marketing.

Update Your Contact List Now

So go back to your contact list and ask yourself, what contacts have you left off?

Remember, the goal of the Invite is to simply let everyone know “you are in business.”

Whether they join or not is NOT important.

What is important is they know you are in business.

Many won’t join you… but if you let them know, many will join later on.

Always remember that there is never a bad prospect; just the wrong time for the right prospect.

Expand your contact list and let me know what results you get.


excerpt from Simon Chan

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