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Deadly MLM Prospecting Mistake #2: Talking to ONLY Your Close Friends and Family


Another big mistake that network marketing distributors make is when they make their contact list, they ONLY put down the names of their close friends, family or people they know well.

Before we talk about this mistake, here is a review of the 5 Deadly MLM Prospecting Mistakes

The 5 Deadly MLM Prospecting Mistakes that Most Distributors Make

These are the 5 Big Mistakes that network marketers make when it comes to prospecting.

Mistake #1: They approach their Contact List with the goal to sponsor everyone!

Mistake #2: They ONLY Talk to Their Close Friends and Family

Mistake #3: They PREJUDGE their prospects and talk to only ones they think will be interested

Mistake #4: They Sell the Business and not the Meeting during the Invite.

Mistake #5: They Approach every prospect the same way.

MISTAKE #2: Talking to ONLY Your Close Friends and Family about the Business

When they make their contact list, most distributors only write down the names of close friends, family or people they know well.

The reality is that your future business partners and downline superstars that will help you retire early does NOT come from your close list of friends and family.

Research has shown that most “superstar network marketers” that will create a nice residual income for you will come from your list of acquaintances that are NOT your close friends.

Or, they will come from a referral of someone else you know but NEVER someone you know directly well.


Not really if you look at other parts of your life.

Our Key Relationships in Life Come from Acquaintances

It may seem odd but if you think of relationship in other areas of your life, this is more or less the norm.

If you are married or are in a relationship, chances are, your spouse was NOT a childhood friend that you grew up with.

It is most likely someone that you met from someone else or someone you met randomly. But it is NOT someone you had known for years growing up.

And the same applies to your network marketing business.

Let’s go back to your Sushi Restaurant example again.

If you just opened up a new Sushi Restaurant, sill you tell just your close friends or will you let everyone you know about your new restaurant? (Deadly Mistake #2)

Of course you will tell everyone!

Why? Because some of your close friends may not like sushi but many of the people who you don’t know well may be sushi fanatics.

And you have to apply the same perspective to your network marketing business.

Whether you know them well or not, you must tell EVERYONE about your network marketing business because many of your close friends won’t join you but many of your casual acquaintances that you don’t know well will be excited to join you. Don’t leave them out!

This is such an important concept that I want to summarize this.


1) Your acquaintances that you don’t know well
2) A referral from someone that you know

But it almost never comes from someone that you are close to!

So don’t leave anyone out!

Every single one of my superstar leaders were NOT my close friends nor family. They were friends of friends or people that I found from online marketing.

Update Your Contact List Now

So who have you left off your Contact list?

Get the people that you hardly know onto your list and make a plan to contact them!

Even if you do NOT have their contact info now, just write down those people onto your list and make it a goal to connect with them.

The good news is that it is easier than ever now to use social media to contact someone.

So take action and let me know what leaders you find among your acquaintances!

excerpt from Simon Chan

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