Mastectomy? How to Accelerate Wound Repair and Reduce Scarring

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If you’ve had recent surgery (especially Breast Cancer surgery) or have scarring that bugs you, read this post and let’s have a chat.

Finally a little over a year since the shock of watching my soul mate’s sudden death in front of me, I’m back in the Groove of LIFE and ready once more to Live Life to the Fullest, be of Service, and Propel myself into my Highest GOOD!

Recently on an international speaking tour, I addressed The Breast Show in Town in London on How to Accelerate Wound Repair and Reduce Scarring.

Alison Cropped at Breast Show in Town London Apr 2016
The audience were people that had recovered from breast cancer, were in treatment for breast cancer, or were interested in maintaining their health and avoiding cancer altogther.

Here are a taste of the practical solutions and hope I offered them on every level.

If you want detailed info email me at using Contact Request in the subject line.

A quick aside: The speaking tour was also an experiment to test how my body has recovered from EHS (electromagnetic hyper sensitivity). All went well except for a torturous two hour train ride bombarded by WiFi.

If you have undergone breast cancer surgery you probably have 5 areas of concern:

1) Accelerate Wound Repair:
chest scar 14 days

2) Reduce Scarring:
Knee surgery

Then there’s also the psychological effect of feeling less of a woman coupled with the new wrinkles and aging from chemo and radiation.

3) Regain confidence by reversing ageing:
Anti-ageing 18 months

4) Promote healthy hair: (that’s me with no split ends and long healthy hair this year at 59 yrs of age)
Alison Long Hair 538 Collage

5) Generate your own economy:

There is a way you can take control of your life again. You can avoid the stress of a long daily commute and toxic work environment that has you jumping through hoops trying to keep everyone happy.

Those work related stresses might have been factors leading to your cancer in the first place.

Why not explore the possibility of locking arms with me? If you are a good fit, you will get trained to work in the comfort of your home on a schedule that meets your recovery needs. Rest when you need to and take the required time for your medical appointments. The connections and friendships yo u’ll make by helping others heals you on a soul level.

I am looking for a motivated team leader in specific areas. Someone that loves to learn, teach and empower others.

This is not for everyone, it’s not yet available in every country, nor can I train and work with everyone.

Let’s have a private conversation on any or all of the 5 concerns mentioned above.

Send Contact Request in the subject line to and tell me what you’re interested in.

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