Living on the Edge

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Living on the Edge - real photo - no photoshop

Sometimes I feel we are living this way. Right on the edge waiting for disaster to strike!

I wonder why it takes a disaster to make us wake up and take control of our health and well-being.

I just don’t get it. Life is so beautiful, yet we’ll coast along without taking a single step to prevent the dis-ease that may be trolling the waters of our bodies, ready to attack like the shark in this photo.

Is it just me… or do you think it’s time we woke up and took responsibility for our health?

I choose to nurture my precious body, mind and spirit!

Love to all, Alison

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Alison Heath Longevity Rescuer, hosts the EMFsummit on all aspects of electromagnetic fields and the popular multi-expert telesummit Your Vibrant Health Secrets. Creator of Easy Natural Facelift, your answer for beautiful skin inside and out. Transform your life with the anti-aging program The Longevity Toolbox and get all the antiaging tools to enjoy vibrant health with a youthful glow!
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2 Responses to Living on the Edge

  1. Ruby says:

    Wow what a picture!
    I think we all need reminding now and then about how much we take for granted health wise.

  2. Anita Currier says:

    You are so right.It is hard to really focus in on one’s health to be sure one is healthy.I found out some time ago that I am diabetic and I have been trying to disown that ever since. However, I know I must be wise and watch my sugar intake and carbohydrates. And boo and hiss. I love, love, love chocolate with peanut butter ice cream and it is so hard to stay away from it. But I guess discipline is the name of the game. But even more, caring about the future of one’s health. Thanks

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