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After years of developing computer software and owning software companies, when I first became EHS (electromagnetically hypersensitive) I began my research about this functional disability listening to Dr Dietrich Klinghardt and learning how to protect myself.

I’m pleased to report that I continue to improve using a wide variety of solutions that I’ve gleaned from the Experts on the EMF Summit, people like Dr Klinghardt, and from my own trial and error.

Know there is hope! I’m happy to share what’s worked for me with anyone who emails me.

Learn to connect the dots and trace the variety of symptoms you may be experiencing back to the root cause.

Unfortunately Dr Klinghardt was unavailable to join the 18 experts and be a guest on the EMF Summit. So I’m thrilled to share his recent interview with you. It’s a lifesaver to understand the adverse health affects of wireless technology and learn to use it safely (50:42 mins).

Remember the study that showed all these tumors in rats illustrating adverse effects of Roundup herbicide?

The study got retracted and had to be printed in another journal. Turns out Monsanto stacked the deck, putting former employees as editor of the science journal and one on the board! The truth will out!

Do you see the importance of eating local fresh organic foods whenever possible not to mention getting full spectrum nutrition with wild superfoods?

If you want to include local nutrient dense foods in your diet this video on sprouts might give you some ideas (3:37 mins):

Oil pulling will strengthen your immune system and help you detoxify and eliminate toxins from your system. You can reverse gum receding gums and guy disease.

Try this first thing in the morning (2:09 mins):

Every effort you make towards creating a supportive lifestyle will pay off BIG time!

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