Learn how to Look & Feel Years Younger with a Natural Facelift Inside & Out!

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You can have beautiful supple skin that glows from the inside out.
Learn four simple strategies that will rejuventate your face
without peels, injections or surgery. It is easier than you think
to turn back the clock on aging.

Date and Time: Wednesday, December 5th at 8:00 PM ET

Join us at http://LongevityRescuer.mobi

Why do some people age so much better than others? If you believe
it’s a question of genetics think again. We all have the ability to
turn back the clock on aging. We can reduce or eliminate wrinkles
and brown age spots.

The muscles in our face and neck are like any other muscle in the
body, they need to be strengthened and toned. But you may not know
the best ways to get started, or common mistakes you can easily

Maybe you stop there without ever exploring three other strategies
you can use to achieve taut beautiful skin that has a healthy glow.
My warning to you is be careful of the side effects; you may
experience stronger hair and nails, sharp clear eyes, and increased

Imagine how the largest organ on your body reacts if you fed it
wholesome ingredients in the form of ‘edible’ personal care

Right now you may not be aware of the marketing tactics that are
used to get you to buy ‘natural’ or ‘hypo-allergenic’ personal care
products that really should be labelled ‘hazardous to your health’

How would your purchasing decisions change if you knew what is
hidden in your favorite brands and how to rate them for toxicity?

There’s actually a simple Youthing diet anyone can get started on
today. Your age doesn’t matter when it comes to igniting the spark
of real beauty from the inside out. That glow shines through any
cosmetics and has everlasting magnetic appeal.

Date and Time: Wednesday, December 5th at 8:00 PM ET
Access the webinar at http://LongevityRescuer.mobi

Global Teleclass invited me to make this presentation, and
I’ve taken it up a notch from a teleclass to a video webinar
that will give you all the practical tools to get started now
on a new you just in time for the holidays

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