Kick up Your Growth Hormone and Lower Your Insulin

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When we are young our ratio of insulin to growth hormone is very low, but as we age all that changes. Our insulin levels become much higher than our growth hormone. Learn about an exercise that can return you to those youthful levels of growth hormone. It is great for staying young and avoiding type 2 diabetes.


Peak 8 Fitness

Peak 8 is an extremely effective way to raise your heart rate and pump your body with growth hormone! The beauty is it only takes 20 minutes three times a week.

It is simple yet also gives you a great workout.

Your growth hormone will flood your body for the next 2 hours. It is important to watch what you eat following your workout. Avoid sugars or grains that will interfere with the production of growth hormone. Drink a coconut water, enjoy a green smoothie, or abstain from eating for 2 hours. Your body will thank you!

Here is an demonstration with a 36 year old doctor. You can do this at any age.

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