Hair Repair With Body Silk

Body Silk has improved my hair like nothing I’ve ever tried before! I highly recommend using it on your hair. There are tons of new hairs growing in, my hair is growing thicker, with less breakage, no more split ends and is so easy to manage! After I wash my hair there’s hardly any hair in the screen on the drain, and my brush is never full or hair anymore.


Do have dull hair that won’t grow any longer than a couple of inches before it breaks? Or is your hair falling out with parts of your scalp showing through. You may want to listen to Brenda’s story. 0:48 min

Body Silk will stop new split ends from happening, bring those flyaway hairs under control, and protect your hair from the damage of blow drying, curling irons, or straightening your hair. Add a couple of drops of Body Silk into your hair dye and your hair shaft will be nourished at the same time as it is receiving the dye.

Watch the official trailer on body Silk: 1:08 min

This video is from Dr Anoop, the leading longevity expert in the world. He’s Harvard and Princeton educated. He founded the anti-aging foundation with physicians all over the world. As the medical adviser for Nucerity he’s giving a humorous presentation of Body Silk at a conference. 6:13 min

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Great Hair from the Inside Out

To address your hair challenges from the inside as well, you’ll want to add Elite, a powdered superfood drink containing 5 superfoods.

Here’s a short video: 3:23 min

These are only a few of the benefits of the superfoods found in Elite:

For a more detailed understanding of Elite. Listen to this 32:05 min Elite Special Presentation:

Elite can be found here on our Customer Loyalty website:

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