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Water is one valuable solution to EMF Radiation.  Click here for a gift of a course on magic of water It is normally $495, but available now by Patrick’s generosity at absolutely No Charge to you!

To get EMF Radiation levels tested in your home locally in Kelowna BC contact: Derek.Aitchison@gmail.com

http://bit.ly/EarthingInCanada get grounded especially while working on your computer, and sleeping. I’ve grounded myself for 5 years!

http://TeamNewEarth.com/BlueGreenAlgae – ultimate nutrient dense food. Studies suggest it may provide a very effect detox of heavy metals and provide excellent radiation protection. Plus an impressive list of other benefits! This is wild grown nutrient dense food that is energetically more powerful than Spirulina or Chlorella. Start with Essentials and add Thrive and Wild after a month or two. Wild Blue Green algae is my ultimate food and has been part of my diet for 25+ years!

http://bit.ly/NascentIodine Nascent Iodine – is the most effective iodine supplement to support your thyroid and provide radiation protection. It can be easily absorbed and utilized by the body as it holds an incomplete number of electrons in an atomic form of iodine. This gives it a high electromagnetic charge. It is considered safer than potassium iodine.  I used 4 drops of Nascent Iodine in a small glass of water daily and measure if I am low, but dropping some on the palm of my hand, rubbing my hands together and watching if it gets absorbed in 60 seconds. If it doesn’t get absorbed I know I’ve enough in my body and go to once per week.

Silver Thread Clothing and other EMF protection:

www.em3e.com a Canadian based company
lessemf@lessemf.com a US based company.
I wear clothing and gloves from both these companies. They also carry material, curtains, bed canopies, protective wall paint, etc.

Tools from the Inventor Slim Spurling:


QDisk 3.0 for iphone and other EMF protection: 

Total Health Secrets, the company on the left (click on the banner to visit) is very impressive. Their approach to selling EMF products involves a short questionnaire for first time customers. They will contact you via email or phone for a short free consultation before you can place your order. This is a fantastic service to ensures you’re optimizing your purchase to meet your individual needs.

We have reached an understanding that it is time to approach the electrosmog that is bombarding our homes, offices, schools and hospitals with a quantum approach. We are vibrating beings and are adversely affected by this ever-increasing pulse and microwave radiation. It is time for us to look to the earth for solutions with ancient soils, compost, rock dust, and meteorite debris that can bring coherent resonance to the electro magnetic radiation and reverse negative affect on our bodies. Powerful tools like the Q-Disk use of a unique combination of earth-based elements to create the power of paramagnetic harmonic values that protect you from your cell phone.

Let’s take a look at some of these essential products you can purchase from Total Health Secrets so you can locate them on the site. This is a new challenge and we can benefit greatly from knowledgeable professionals guides.

Q-Disc 3.0

The Q-Disc 3.0 featured here is a cell phone protector and more. It protects you in the unique way of converting the harmful EMF radiation field into a beneficial energy field! They discovered at Premier Research Labs a 30-second call on your cell phone can weaken and disrupt every cell of the body for as long as 18 hours! But when you attach a Q-Disc 3.0 to your phone you’re actually receiving a treatment during your call!


Dragonite is rock dust that helps create superior ground and building energetics in your home or office when used on ground areas near the buildings. 

Black Gold Humate

Black Gold Humate is “Thousand Year-Old Compost” with humic and fulvic acids for promoting root growth and soil fertility.

Combine Dagonite and Black Gold Humate (as soil you can put around your Smart meter and ground it with a wire leading into the soil) 

Tektite natural glass that are formed from terrestrial debris ejected during extraterrestrial impacts. Carrying at least one piece of genuine Tektite in your pocket, enables you to be completely protected from the negative effect of EMF radiation. By placing a piece of Tektite in each pocket, you help balance your body’s polarity as well as gaining EMF protection. 


http://www.EarthCalm.com – Nova Resonator

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