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Thank you Alison Heath and Ellen & Derek Aitchison for teaching us about EMF. I have a better understanding now of the types of symptoms and experiences people have that are attributable to EMF. Great info. With electro magnetic pollution everywhere it is time we got educated.

~ Patrick Durkin

Thanks for your enlightenment re the dangers that lurks around us and how we can protect ourselves. Nice tips re the EMF radiation protection. Plus I always hated the extra fibers in blended versus extracted juices… until now. Appreciating all you do Alison Heath

~ Andrea Harriott

If you are looking for positive solutions to create coherence in the body, this is a wonderful Hangout to watch.

~ Dawn R. Nocera

Click here for links to some of the existing solutions talked about in this hangout


How to Have A Healthy Gut Naturally

it’s all about fermented veggies, water and more


Here’s the series of Embracing Change Hangouts.

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