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What a treat to listen Cynthia Kersey teaching us that we need a purpose bigger than ourselves. To get our attention of ourselves! Our purpose needs to be larger than our pain.

The Inspring Life of a Tree

This tree fullfilled its purpose

Start each day in gratitude. Give a little gift everyday without looking for something in return. Helping others is a surefire way to help ourselves. Practice tithing; giving at least 10% of your income to a worthwhile cause. As the scriptures say, “Give and it shall be given to you.” It comes back many times over.

Energetically when you give, you are then open to receive. Get in alignment with the energy of giving and receiving. Find what is calling your passion. Where is that line of inspiration coming from for you?

As I listened to Cynthia I thought, “Isn’t it strange that we, in the western world, have to be taught that? We have so much, yet we are often so poor and lost in spirit.

Recently I was sent an inspirational email story of a young African girl in a refugee camp who, for the first time, saw a white woman. The little girl smiled shyly and peeked out from behind her mother’s skirt. This white woman, a Canadian lawyer was visiting the refugee camp for her first time. She wanted to connect with this beautiful child and crouched down to be on her level, speaking to the girl in a soft voice. The young girl was clutching on to two bread crusts. This was her total food ration for the day. Timidly she held out her arm to the lawyer and in her little open palm was one of the bread crusts. She quietly insisted the astounded woman accept this gift.

As I read that story, I was touched by the generosity behind this genuine gift from the heart. The little girl, who had so little, was willing to share half of her precious food with a kind stranger. A stranger that looked different from anyone she had ever seen! I wondered who had thought up such an inspirational story.

Earlier this month, I was invited to Ottawa to attend Citizens of Nowhere, a presentation on international student refugees that are sponsored to come to Canada to complete their post secondary studies. In his closing speech, Alister Summerlee, the retiring president of the World University of Canada told that same story! He was in that refugee camp with the Canadian lawyer and witnessed that little girl’s act of kindness first hand. This was not just an inspirational story floating around the Internet, it was true!

We have so much to learn, and I believe one by one we are learning. We are opening our hearts and learning to look beyond ourselves, and find our motivation to grow through a purpose that is bigger than we are.

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