Chia Seeds – So valued it was once a Currency! Yet so cheap!

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Super Food Chia Seeds, a Number 1 for Integrative Nutritional Coaching

Live Long, Prosper, and Lose Weight with this Tiny Miracle of Health!

Want to lose weight?

Wanna get healthy at the same time without sacrificing taste?

Here are just a few of the many blessings this mighty yet powerful little seed can provide YOU!

Nutritious Chia Seeds Promote:
• Heart Health
• Increase Energy
• Improve Mood
• Longevity and Anti Aging
• Breast Health
• Regulated Blood Pressure
• Reducing Menopause Symptoms
• Gastro-intestinal Health
• Bone Health
• Relief From Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Mental Health
• Control Of Type ll Diabetes
• Prenatal Health
• Prostate Health

Chia seeds are so simple! Add them with many other foods and beverages. They hold water, so when mixed with sauces, drinks, salad, dressings, yogurt, cream cheese, dips, jellies and preserves, salsa, hot/cold cereal, puddings, soups, etc., these seeds are 90% water and displace calories and fat without changing the flavor.

Your food is healthier and much less fattening!

Use them whole, or to make sure you digest them fully, grind a small amount in a coffee grinder, put in a jar, and store them in the freezer. Just grab a teaspoon when you want to add some.

Chia Seeds are Tiny Miracles:
700% more Omega 3 than farmed or wild salmon
500% more Calcium than milk
800% more Phosphorus than milk
1400% more Magnesium than broccoli
200% more Iron than spinach
500% more Protein than kidney beans
100% more Potassium than bananas
100% more Fiber than bran flakes
300% more Selenium than flax seed

I remember when my mum introduced me to this amazing full spectrum nutrition she was using for her osteoporosis!

She was so proud! Finally she had introduced me to a super food I hadn’t met before.
Now Chia seeds are a part of my everyday diet. Thank you Mum!

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3 Responses to Chia Seeds – So valued it was once a Currency! Yet so cheap!

  1. Lin Dantonio says:

    Hi Alison,

    Where can I get Chia seeds? Since returning from RELEASE, I have been in extream pain. I can’t walk upstairs without having to stop. I am talking about only 12 stairs. I don’t absorb vit B well. I am also feeling pretty weak.

    I want to lose more weight because I want to dance. Vow, I said that out loud????

    Luv you much and sending you LOTS of hugs!

    Lin 🙂

  2. Marilyn says:

    I discovered chia seeds several years ago. They make a great porridge or pudding. I had recently written an article and posted a recipe for a delicious chocolate chia seed pudding on my blog. Here are the links:

  3. Jane Pinder says:

    What a wonderful beautiful website, I shall eat more of these wonderful seeds Alison, thank you so very much.

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