An Epidemic That Can Be Easily Fixed!

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Winter arrived today in all its glory, reminding me once more of a current health epidemic that we can control.

An Integrative Nutritional Approach to Wellness with Vitamin D3

Winter calls for an Integrative Nutritional Approach to Optimize Vitamin D3

In response to those you have asked, actually to all, especially those of us living far from the equator.

Please get your vitamin D levels checked and optimize your levels!

During the winter months our bodies desperately need a natural form of this very precious hormone called vitamin D3.

We might be eating 800 IU, or maybe 1000 IU, but our body might need 5000 IU.

To those living in sunny climes, please forget your sunscreen, and step outside during the peak hours of the day.

Just don’t BURN! When you get pink, go inside, in the shade, or cover up.

It may surprise you to learn that ALL you have been told about using sunscreen and any evidence that exposing yourself to the sun is harmful evaporates under scrutiny.

Here are just a few of the benefits of this amazing hormone called vitamin D3

-improve your mood
-increase physical and mental energy
-supercharge your immune system
-dramatically reduce colds and flu
-boost your defenses against germs, bacteria and infectious disease
-reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke
-lower bad cholesterol
-help you maintain healthy blood pressure levels
-help the pancreas to function better
increase sensitivity to insulin (a godsend for diabetics)
-improve neonatal health
-help prevention and treatment many cancers in at least 7 different ways
-help prevent and treat diabetes
-help prevent and treat MS
-help prevent and treat rheumatoid arthritis
-help prevent and treat Parkinson’s disease
-help prevent and treat osteoporosis
-help prevent and treat bipolar disease
and over 20 more!

Folks, this information is just too important not to act upon now for the whole family!

There are Thousands of peer-reviewed studies revealing the truth about the vital connection between sun exposure, and vitamin D and our health.

Ideally your blood level of 25(OH)D should be 60 ng/ml

The best test in the US is DiaSorin

Here are recommended amounts to take every day if you are not in the sun
under 5 – 35 units per lb/day
5 to 10yrs – 2500 units/day
Adults – 5000/day
Pregant women – 5000/day

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  1. vitamin d3 benefits says:

    Vitamin D behaves in such a way inside the body that it is classified as a hormone. It is in an important task known as the mineral homeostasis that deals with the unsafe effects of the gene expression and also those of cellular differentiation. Vitamin D is the only known substance which stimulates the procedure for absorption of calcium as well as the phosphorus contained in food to the small intestine, especially in the jejunum region, as well as boosts the kidney’s capacity in the re-absorption of calcium and phosphorus, which makes it necessary to maintain the concentration of these minerals along the way of blood and bone mineralization.

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