A Major Transformation

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The first major transformation occurred at the ripe old age of eight years
while riding the school bus and looking out the window. I let my eyes go
out of focus, and was thinking about humanity as sand grains on a vast

What difference would our individual lives make in the scope of time?
Who would remember us after we were gone? Even people like Hitler,
famous for their heinous acts would only be remembered for a few

I asked myself, “What is the purpose of life. Mine or anyone else”

A sense of freedom descended on me in a flash. I was freed from the
constraints of social norms or the futility of seeking approval.

I knew then if I could touch the hearts of even three people I’d die
contented. A vision arose of exchanging a smile with a stranger, an
old woman passing by on a steep mountain path in Tibet.

“It could be as simple as that smile” my heart leap with joy.

From that moment on my life was forever transformed. I instinctively
knew to turn my focus within, connect to that infinite thread of the
divine, and bask in grounded bliss without concern over any of the hats
I may choose to dawn in this physical life experience.

Throughout my life I continue to gratefully seek moments of
transformation… transformation that once experienced can not be

Today after 60 years on this planet, I enjoy a simple freedom where
clarity and joy overflow enabling me to playfully give from a place of
overflow versus depletion.

~ Alison Heath the Longevity Rescuer
published on Dr Symeon Rodgers blog

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