Do You Have the Want More Gene?

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If you have the “want more gene” we need to talk!


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There are people that have thrown up there’s hands and given up. They don’t believe there’s any way to get healthier, to have more wealth, to create better relationships with friends and family. They accept aging and aches and pains, financial stress, and isolation & loneliness as an inevitable part of life.

They are tightly wrapped in their cloak of misery. It provides a weird sort of comfort. Although they may whine and complain about it… they aren’t really looking for a way out.

They don’t believe we can get rid of Bayer/Monsanto and the big giants destroying our food supply. They think there’s no way to take on BIG Pharma, or a corrupt government. They don’t think we can stop the proliferation of electromagnetic radiation, or stop chemtrails. They see the economy tanking and are afraid to go down with it.

Then there are people, like me, with the “want more gene” who realise the economy may tank but we can use our creativity to thrive and work toward a better world.

That may be you too, if despite all the problems in our world you believe there is a better way… you want more out of life! You are no longer willing to react to all the demands or fear around you, but instead wish to create a beautiful life on your terms. You crave fulfillment in all areas of life.

Most people fear failure, but far worse is achieving success without being fulfilled. It is horrible to work hard to achieve a goal, only to find it a hollow victory in the end.

Has that ever happened to you?

More than ever today, people have forgotten how to connect face to face. Social media studies have proven all these virtual friends leave people feeling more disconnected than ever.

Heart attacks are highest Monday as people face the long commute going to work at a job they hate. The corporate and small business model keeps us competing for finite resources. A scarcity mentality abounds and fear runs rampant.

I’m here to show you another way… a different model based on helping each other succeed. For years I’ve assisted people to become healthy, now I can finally offer the wealth piece.

Imagine if real wealth was in the hands of the conscious people that are awake and able to help improve life for others.

Wealth derived from creativity versus competition, opens the door for others instead of throwing down the ladder of success behind as you claw and scratch your way to the top.

If I could show you a way to create freedom and success regardless of how many times you’ve failed in the past, would you be open to take action to expand and grow into inspired leadership?

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