Hi, I’m Alison Heath the Longevity Rescuer. We may not have met, but I believe I know what you want.

We live in a society that unfairly values youthfulness and energy above all.

But what if you feel old, fat and worn out… like you’ve lost all your mojo…?

Let’s face it we’re all aging… but you feel so dragged out at the end of the day…wake up exhausted… look in the mirror and are shocked at how you’ve aged… you start to hate the image you see… you’re stretched to the point where you could easily snap… life seems way too complicated… too full of multiple responsibilities for any fun or relaxation…

Guess What? You don’t have to look or feel your chronological age… you can shed years without expensive injections, chemical peels and surgery… drop that extra belly fat without dieting… your biological age can be 30 years younger!

Ever wonder why some people age so well and others look decrepit… like they’ve already got one foot in the grave?

This is an inside job… it’s so SIMPLE you’re going to wonder why no one ever shared these ideas before…

Are you ready to tap into your radiant energy and well-being… to have skin that glows and peace of mind in every area of your life?

I’ve got a BIG bag of proven strategies you’re going to love! Here’s one:

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Vibrant Health is not only possible but it is YOUR right. It’s what nature intended for you.

A little about me…

The arrival of 2017 marks 30 years as the Longevity Rescuer. I understand primarily we need to market the message to get it out there so we can fulfil our promise. My promise to you is it’s never too late to create well-being in every aspect of your life!
Alison Heath on stage

Author of The Natural Path in M.D. News MagazineYour Well-being and Longevity are my passion! “Youthing” is where it’s at today!

These are some of the topics we’ll be sharing on this site and this recent interview gives you a peak at my healing path that you too can travel along:

If you didn’t have time to watch the video here’s the written account:

My own journey toward optimal health, wellness and vitality arrived by necessity. I had so many health challenges to overcome in my life!

As a child I played hard, and enjoyed my life, yet I was always catching everything. German measles, red measles, mumps, whooping cough, allergies, tonsillitis, flu, colds, chronic ear infections, chronic yeast infections you name it, I had it! My mother did the best she could, and in those days mothers were taught to give their babies formula instead of mother’s milk. My immune system was compromised from the start.

In my teens, things only got worse! My kneecap dislocated many times and required surgery.

As a young woman I was faced with a huge challenge when I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. That required years of medication and careful monitoring with regular blood tests. Next came an accident while on vacation in the West Indies, where I was run over from behind by a 650cc motorcycle. Even though I was flown back to Canada within four days, my leg had a multiple compound fracture with four infections in the marrow of the bone and the doctors didn’t think it could be saved. I remember the orthopaedic surgeon that operated on my dislocating kneecap, cried when he saw my badly mangled leg. Shortly after that came the diagnosis of hypothyroid and all the fatigue and weight gain that involved.

I know my life story reads like the perils of Pauline! Yet my real story is one of triumph and success!

Today I enjoy optimal health, vibrant energy, and a delightful lifestyle! Over 10 years ago, with my doctor’s supervision, I was informed I no longer needed any medication! No more Lithium! No more Synthroid! I dance, skip, walk and have full use of both legs!

How did I manage to recover from these incurable conditions?

That is the information that I’ll share with you. My online course provides step by step practical information that is easy to implement into daily living. I sometimes offer group and individual coaching, and retreats. I share product reviews of the discoveries I’ve made to support my well being.

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